Call of Duty: WWII Zombies Shadowed Throne Easter Egg Guide – All Puzzles, Collectibles, Wonder Weapons, Boss Fight


Our Call of Duty: WWII Zombies Shadowed Throne Easter Egg Guide will help you solve the map’s elaborative Easter Egg with step-by-step instructions, collectibles locations, puzzle solutions, and more.

Call of Duty: WWII Zombies Shadowed Throne is the fourth Nazi Zombies map in the game. The Shadowed Throne arrives as a part of the game’s second DLC titled The War Machine. The events of The Shadowed Throne take place immediately after The Darkest Shore, in Berlin.

Call of Duty: WWII Zombies Shadowed Throne Easter Egg

Before we start, do note that we will continue to update the guide to reflect more accurate and additional steps. The guide, in its current state, is not complete. You can always help us complete it by sharing relevant information and tips in the comments section.

The Shadowed Throne also has its own set of Achievements/Trophies. One of the Trophies/Achievements titled Stadtjäger Down confirms that players will have to take on Stadtjäger in order to complete the Easter Egg. For a complete list of all Trophies/Achievements, you can check out our Trophies/Achievements Guide by heading over to the link.

#1 – Finding the Radio

The first thing that you need to do is to find the radio on the Main Street. Once you have acquired the radio, be sure to note down its series. It can be something like ZX2, TX1, RS3, etc. After that, you need to head towards the Church where you will come across a map and a chart detailing a whole lot of areas and coordinates. This is where the radio’s series that you noted down earlier comes in.

First, you need to note that area that is marked on the map with a red pin. Once you have done that, you need to find both the area name (from the second chart) and radio series (that you noted down earlier) on the first chart. We are doing all this in order to find the frequency that we need to set our radio to – allowing us to talk to Russians.

Let us assume that we found red pin on Dahme-Spreewald and our radio series is TX1 (do note that this changes every time you play). Therefore, the frequency that we need to set our radio to is 74.3; 90.0. Successfully doing so will allow you to listen to an audio log.

#2 – Finding and Shooting the Flares

The next step involves finding and shooting flares in order to signal your allies. In order to do so, you need to head towards a deceased NPC (with a burning flare nearby) right outside the Museum. You should also see a locked box containing flares nearby. At this point, you need to melee the locked box to open it up and reveal the flares.

After that, melee the box once again to fire a flare. Successfully doing this step will cause Fire the Flare appear on your screen followed by another audio log. This will allow you to summon the Russians and cause a Zeppelin to fly over and release a total of three anchors.

#3 – Finding the Wunderbuss Wonder Weapon

You need two parts in order to create the Wunderbuss Wonder Weapon i.e. Wunderbuss Battery and Geistbolt. Usually, you should be able to locate the Wunderbuss Battery either in the Museum or in the Theater. With the battery at your disposal, you need to head towards the basement near the spawn area.

Once there, insert the Wunderbuss Battery in the machine with the blue light to open up the caged room. Now lure a fiery zombie into the caged room with you and melee it to acquire the Geistbolt. Remove the Wunderbuss Battery from the machine and insert it into the Wunderbuss Wonder Weapon on the table along with the Geistbolt to craft the new weapon.

With the Wunderbuss at your disposal, shoot the gate mechanism to open the caged room.

#4 – Finding and Charging the Anchors

During #2, we saw a Zeppelin drop three anchors on the map. This step basically requires you to find and charge all three of them. The first one is located inside the Plaza, near the locked box containing the flares. Once you are there, kill zombies in anchor’s close vicinity to charge it up.

Once the Plaza’s anchor has been fully charged, you will listen to another audio log. From there, find two more anchors in the Museum and in the Destroyed Building respectively. However, for these two anchors, you do not need to kill zombies and can simply use your Wunderbuss Wonder Weapon (acquired during #3) to charge them.

#5 – Finding and Arming the Smuggler

For this step, you need to head over to the gated area (from where you acquired the Wunderbuss Wonder Weapon) and use the Wunderbuss to shoot the Cash Register in the area. Doing so will allow you to uncover a picture with numbers underneath. Like #1, these numbers also represent the frequency that you need to set the radio (in the Main Street) to.

After noting down the numbers from the pictures, proceed towards the radio in the Main Street and set the frequency to trigger an audio log. Once done, head towards the Plaza and locate a panel with GAS written on it on the ground – near the BAR Wallbuy. You basically need to shoot the panel or toss a Frag Grenade on it to trigger another audio log.

In order to complete this step, you need to arm the Smugger with a Bullet Weapon i.e. any LMG, Shotgun, SMG, etc. To arm the Smuggler, interact with the panel. A notification reading Armed the Smuggler signifies the completion of this step.

#6 – Finding the Smuggler’s Bat

For this step, you need to head to the bedroom with the dead woman to find a painting on the wall. With the painting at your disposal, you need to proceed to the Theater and find the projector. Shoot the pillar directly above the projector to cause a reel to drop down. You basically need to place the painting in front of the projector and insert the reel inside it.

After that, charge the projector using your Wunderbuss Wonder Weapon. Successfully doing so will allow you to see a map on the stage.

As mentioned earlier, our Call of Duty: WWII Zombies Shadowed Throne Easter Egg Guide is currently work in progress. We will continue to make amends to already written steps and add more.