Black Ops 3 Zombies Revelations ‘How to Build Pack-a-Punch Guide


How to Build Pack-a-Punch in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 zombies Revelations to enable you improve your weapons and full the principle Easter Egg within the newly launched map.

There isn’t any want to discover completely different elements so as to construct Pack-a-Punch in Revelations. Unlike earlier iterations, you merely want to discover the Pack-a-Punch Machine hidden behind secret mechanics.

Finding the Pack-a-Punch Machine in Black Ops 3 zombies Revelations in not solely helpful within the completion of Easter Egg and to improve your weapons, but additionally unlocks Pack-a-Punch-Ectomy Achievement/Trophy.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 zombies Revelations – How to Build Pack-a-Punch

Our How to Build Pack-a-Punch Guide outlines every thing you want to find out about constructing the Pack-a-Punch within the map:

How to Build Pack-a-Punch – Activating the Engines

After spawning, you want to head over to the entrance space of the temple to discover a ritual desk. Once there, you want to activate one of many x4 Corruption Engines by spending 500 factors.

Once performed, you could fend off zombies for about 30 seconds and head contained in the newly opened temple entrance. After you’re inside, work together with the portal to come to a brand new space.

You mainly want to repeat the identical course of for all x4 Corruption Engines within the recreation which is denoted by x4 Green Lights on the Map Diagram.

How to Build Pack-a-Punch – Finding the Apothicon Creature

After activating all x4 Corruption Engines, you want to head over Nacht der Untoten and attain the higher space. There is a Control Terminal within the space that you simply want to work together with!

Once you’ve got efficiently activated all x4 Corruption Engines, hit the Activation Terminal to knock the Apothicon unconscious and reveal its mouth – you could hit it with electrical energy to achieve this!

How to Build Pack-a-Punch – Reach Apothicon’s Abdomen

After you’ve got knocked the Apothicon unconscious, you want to head inside its stomach by way of its mouth. Once you’ve got reached the stomach, shoot the yellow orb inside to reveal the Pack-a-Punch Machine.

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